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Congratulations to Rahel Shawl Zelleke for being the first African woman to be awarded the Loeb Fellowship for the academic year 2016 – ’17.

Joined by other Fellows, Rahel will become a member of the worldwide network of practitioners supporting equity and social justice through the built and natural environment.

Rahel is acknowledged, at an African level, for her astounding contribution to her field, and to Ethiopia. She is recognized to be a role model for many in the country, because of her ethics and innovative work in raising design expectations in several cities in Ethiopia.


Fadumo, 43, has been a refugee having fled the violence in the horn of Africa nation. It was until she was 14 years old that she was able to access education. She holds three master’s degrees in health sciences and public health and is doing a PH.D in women’s governmental participation and empowerment in post-conflict regions.

Dayib was born in Kenya but tensions between Kenya and Somalia lead to the arrest and deportation of her family back to Somalia. Her family sought refuge in Finland where Dayib got the opportunity to get a proper education.

The mother of four left her Children in Finland for Somalia in 2005 to run for Presidency.

“And when I was going to Mogadishu in January, I sat them down and I told them that I’m leaving you, but I’m not sure I might come back. And if I don’t, then you have to know that you are also expected to do this. When the day comes and you have the capability to do so, you must fight for democracy. We must not let evil overcome goodness. And they understand why we need to do this for Somalia because they share the love that I have for Somalia.” Said Dayib to NPR


International humanitarian organization CARE has received a donation of 2.2 million euro today, as a result of the H&M Holiday Campaign. "We are very grateful for this generous donation," comments Dr. Robert Glasser, Secretary General of CARE International. "This donation will allow us to empower women entrepreneurs and workers from low-income urban communities in Ethiopia and help us raise global awareness of the enormous benefits associated with empowering women and girls in the fight against poverty and social injustice." 


Credit: UN Photo/Paulo Filgueiras

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon meets with Irina Bokova, director-general of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, September 2010.

(WOMENSENEWS)—Along one wall in the visitor's lobby of the United Nations hang the portraits of eight men, including Ban Ki-moon, the current secretary-general, who have presided over the institution since it was founded in 1945.

A new portrait is due to appear on that wall soon and there is a pretty good chance it will bear the visage of a woman.

Three out of the seven officially declared candidates for the next secretary-general are women (more candidates may be nominated over the coming weeks). And while it is not the first time a woman has been in the running for the job, it is the first time that one, let alone three, has a viable chance of getting it.

Here's a closer look at the three female candidates:


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