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AWiB is an idea whose time has come and a force to reckon with.

AWiB’s strong team is poised to cater to your needs. Let us know at the event. AWiB is for those who are serious about their lives and businesses; those who plan to make their mark on this planet. AWiB’s grandest aim is to develop women leaders in every sector of our society.

AWiB is innovative, exciting and relevant. Becoming a member, you benefit from:

  1. Free Workshops and Trainings on professional and personal development
  2. A forum – where you exchange ideas, consulting on different options of how to do business efficiently and effectively
  3. Free Self Confidence workshop. Nothing happens without confidence.
  4. Connecting with the movers and shakers of our nation as they are invited to AWiB’s monthly programs as speakers
  5. Round table discussions on various topics every month with AWiB’s president and leadership team
  6. Conversational English course with Native Speakers for 14 weeks
  7. And much more!!!

Membership Fees

Corporate Membership: ETB 2,500 each

Individual Membership: ETB 2,000/year

: ETB 5,000/year [Gold Membership]

      • Monthly program fee included
      • Discount on WOE event
      • A saving of 330 Birr
      • A convenience of one payment
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