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AWiB Rocks!

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 (Self Confidence Workshop)

Thanking you once again I can say i learned from the workshop that to be self confident, I have to know myself better,
do self SWOT analysis, and figure out 'My Purpose in Life'.

- So if I already know my purpose in Life, i must learn to be grateful
-and if i don’t, must be committed to figure it out.

Right now i don’t know where i am standing, but you helped me see that- identitify the problem.
On the workshop I got the chance to meet very interesting strangers including myself.
Thank you for helping me get to know ME.

Rebecca Legesse

 Thank you so much for everything and for posting us the material promptly. The self confidence class enabled me to watch all of my moves, those I do unconsciously and consciously.  And thank you a lot for giving due consideration to accommodate most in the discussion.

Though I didn't say much but have been touched by the openness of people in sharing their life and everything. Me and Konjit have been learning a lot from your continuous and courageous update and thanks again.


Genet Yemane

(Dynamism Embodied)

Reading through the writing, I found out what attracted me to Nahu. The dynamism of being, doing, reflecting and acting combined with the discipline, being herself comfortably, and modeling excellence is what I observed with my little time with her. The fact that she chose and invested on the right successor says a lot
about her too. PUSH IT LADY!

--Seble Hailu

(January 2013 AWiB Newsletter)

I thank you so much for sending me this e-mail; as always I enjoyed all the articles. As a person working in development cooperation one of my job is to read and review the annual reports of counterparts; honestly! I usually struggle to finish them.

The opposite happens here;  you know what I said when I reached at your page 7? Ah! I wish it continues, why they made it short? But was it short…believe me the way it is written is so exciting so you can’t stop reading. I would like to say thank you for the late president and congratulation to the new one. May this new year also brings AWiB success!

All the Best!


(October Workshop on Appreciative Inquiry)

'The Women of Excellence award event was a beautiful event and  was amazed to see so many dynamic and interesting people under one roof.  I was touched by the stories of the nominees and what each one of them has achieved and more so by the challenges they had overcome.  

Appreciation is an energy that when given out comes back to reward you with more and more so I am sure that more centres of excellence and potential will be awoken because of this spirit of appreciation.'

-- Sheetal Shah

(On the September 1st Self-Confidence Workshop)

I noticed the group of women that I spent my day with today have beautiful minds and they all shared their experiences in different ways which wouldn’t be possible without this session. I was surprised to find out we all wear masks at different times or places but we don’t know it.

I am disappointed it took me longer time to discover and master the good personal skills/qualities that I have by avoiding to talk about myself and being modest.

Yerusalem Ashenafi

I learned that I have everything inside me to unleash and become confident.

Segen Yainshet

I was surprised to find that it is possible not to wear an invisible mask at all. I learned that values such as trust and kindness are related to self confidence. I plan to get rid of my mask and build up my self confidence for the better.

I was surprised to find out that justification is a sign of lacking self confidence. We shouldn’t worry about what other people think about us. We need to trust, see ourselves and do what we believe is right.

Meseret Tamiru

I discovered that confidence starts with trust. I also learned that wearing masks can harm self confidence. Because it’s about hiding your true self; not showing your identity to other people is also not showing it to yourself.  I noticed that confidence is about small things we do every day. What strikes people are details.

Mardet Gebreyesus

I was surprised to find that good environment encourages explaining your feelings without fear.

I plan to be part of AWiB. I really, really longed to be part of this day and so happy. It is more than what I expected. Thank you, AWiB.

Adey Araya

I was surprised in the self assessment my confidence level got to excellent as opposed to what I thought it to be.  I plan to continuously develop my self confidence with AWiB team I met today; I also liked the venue. Thanks.

Bezuwork Mamo

I relearned that developing confidence is highly important and it is the engine that moves everything. 

About AWiB

First of all I would like to thank you for an amazing idea of this association.  I have been in a managerial position for about 5 years now and I never had a chance to meet people or develop my knowledge/share ideas outside my business circle.  AWiB gave me that and that’s why I didn’t even sleep on the idea of being a member and acted after my very first attendance i.e. Selome’s amazing speech.

Second, I would like to thank you for your kind personality and welcoming me when I wanted to be a member.  If I was told to go to a place even the next day, submit my application, make the payment to a certain bank (the usual hassle) rather than arranging filling the form, pay right there and be a member!!! I wouldn’t have made it.  So that’s a huge plus for you.

I have already given the beautiful brochures to some friends I met and shared what Selome said, her thoughts and beliefs.

Frehiwot Tessema, GM
Aberdair Ethiopia

Fantastic! You guided us through a beautiful and powerful process, very trans-formative. Your questions required us to answer from the heart, the opening up and the sharing was encouraging and inspiring, I felt we all went home knowing and understanding our worth and the potential of what we are capable of.

You gave us guidance to life to start asking and to work on “Self Profile” and “Know our Self” now. Thank you for making a difference in all our lives.

Megbar Ayalew
Art of Living, Ethiopia

Wow, Wow!!! Ladies what can I say …last night was highly educational for me and hopefully for you too.

Thank you, Nadia for creating and sustaining this wonderful opportunity to us Ladies to expose and share various dynamic and affluent experiences.

Dr. Yetinayet Abebe
Offshore Consulting

I’m a woman, hear me roar……………I was literally roaring driving home and took some time to unwind. You ladies, you were so much fun! What a night! And it will continue …..

Messeret Belachew
Save the Children International


Today is the day which brought remarkable women and men together from different walks of life. Today’s session was very special for me because it was an awakening experience that opened my mind and heart

Yerusalem Ashenafi, Director of Information Resource Centre, PAS, US Embassy



I enjoyed the honesty of everyone involved. It’s so refreshing to see this side of Addis, i.e. forward thinking. It’s a great source of resource and networking.

Bethel Araya


No words! Simply fabulous!!!

Roman Tafessework, Hotel General Manager


I saw amazing, inspirational and dynamic women – both young and older women. It’s all about empowering and capacitating. [Today] I celebrated women!

MintewabAfework, Student at AAU – Law School 


From today’s conference, I have seen the following: It’s inspirational, gives networking opportunity, helps our professional and personal growth.



Tehut Tesfaye,  Management Consultant



[I like] the fact that it is a very open networking platform. The very fact that there are so many professional women around me, and that makes me feel empowered.

Nebiyat Yusuf,  Executive Programme Assistant


Today is a day that I met great women who left a footprint.

Meaza Melkamu,  Food Security and Economic Growth Program Manager


Well, there are a number of reasons why I loved it [today’s programme]. Can’t have enough space to write it all down. It was awesome.


Mahder Tadesse Berhanu


We learnt a lot from the guest speakers. Their speech and the way the express their experiences help us to value ourselves.

Emebet Tafesse,  Manager of Exports and Import Company 
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