AWiB Team

AWiB Team

Behind every successful man is a strong woman, so the saying goes. In AWiB, we believe this also applies for women and our saying goes… behind every successful woman is a strong man.

This November we suggest AWiBers invite the men that have supported you and men please invite the women who have done the same. On our monthly event, we focus on men who support their women through their success, our “Menelikish Men”.

AWiB will hold its 6th annual Women of Excellence (WOE) Gala Dinner on October 29th, 2017, 4:00- 10:30 PM at Sheraton. We are looking forward to celebrating our phenomenal nominees:

  • Anna Getaneh, Founder of African Mosaique and Ethiopia Children’s Fund (ECF)
  • ElleniMocria, Veteran journalist and a pioneer in many media disciplines
  • Professor Alemtsehay Mekonnen , Bio-medical scientist, a professor of Cell & Human Physiology & Head of Gender Office, College of Natural Sciences, AAU
  • Dr. Momina Mohammed, Medical Doctor, Nephrologist
  • Lydia Tafesse, International Sports Referee

The rationale for the award is threefold

  • To nurture a culture of appreciation and celebrate courageous vision and action;
  • To make women who are doing extraordinary deeds in their respective communities more visible and
  • To inspire a younger generation of women by sharing the stories of the women of excellence. 

This year we also celebrate the Ethiopian Women Lawyers Association (EWLA), recipient of the award for institutional excellence– a story of service, movement building & survival rooted in Ethiopia’s political legacy through a documentary film.

Keynote Speaker: TsedayAsrat, Innovator Business Woman

MC: MetasebiaShewayeYilma, Media Personality and President, AWiB 2018 

We aspire to inspire!

Women Of Excellence 2017

Sunday, 15 October 2017 15:59

Recap: Art as a Tool for Transformation

Have you ever thought of art as anything else but art? Is it just something you thought is pleasing to look at as in great works to be appreciated, or men and women to be recognized for great talent; or have you ever thought of it as going beyond the art and the artist itself? Going beyond the work, beyond the individual behind the work, but actually to the immense influence it has on self-awareness and societal mindfulness at large? Well, AWiB definitely did when it hosted its monthly event entitled “Art as a Tool for Transformation” this October, with two renowned artist as their guest speakers. 

A blind female Ethiopian lawyer has been named a joint winner of the 2017 Right Livelihood Award, also known as Sweden’s alternative Nobel Prize.

The 35-year-old human rights lawyer Yetnebersh Nigussie was on Tuesday awarded 3 million Swedish crowns ($374,000) which will be shared among the three joint winners.

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Saturday, 30 September 2017 22:58

WOE 2017

The 4th and final seminar in the Dearth of Women’s Leadership in Ethiopia seminar series took place on September 15, 2017 at Sheraton Hotel. The seminar hosted in collaboration with AwiB and Earuyan Solutions, and supported by the Austrian Development Cooperation was titled “The Approach to Gender Equality: Service or Disservice to Promoting Ethiopian Women’s Leadership?” The seminar was designed to examine gender equality approaches incentivizing the participation of women in leadership and decision-making.

The event started with an opening by Ms. Nahusenay Girma, Director of AWiB, who gave a brief recap of the trajectory of the series from its first seminar to its fourth and final. She took a moment to thank Ms. Billene Seyoum, founder and Managing Director of Earuyan Solutions, who was commemorating her birthday, for her immeasurable contribution to making the series happen. Ms. Nahusensay also thanked Ms. Selome Tadesse, who has moderated all four seminars, for her fearless interrogations and seamless facilitation of the series. 

Saturday, 30 September 2017 08:15

WISE’s 20th year anniversary

Organization for Women in Self Employment (WISE) is an Ethiopian residents’ charity registered with the Ministry of Justice in August, 1997. It commenced its full programme operation in January, 1998. WISE is dedicated to the development of women and girls in their efforts to become empowered, build resilient families, and emerge active players and beneficiaries in the development of Ethiopia.

Saturday, 30 September 2017 06:34

Tihitina Mulushewa Legesse

“Working hard and trying to get to the top is much easier. Then, if you go down, you will know your way up”

Tihitina Mulushewa Legesse, speaking about the value of hard work.

For an observer, walking into Tihitina (Tutu) Mulushewa Legesse’s office is a bit of a window into the personality that sits within. It is obvious from the vibrant paintings on the wall to the live plants in the corner and the crystal ball full of candy opposite the busy desk, there is warmth and a driven person is occupying the space. She prefers to use her mother’s name as a middle name, even though she does not officially go by the name Tihitina Mulushewa Legesse for legal purposes. Born and raised in Addis Abeba, as a second generation, she manages the business her family formed twenty seven years ago. Along with her sister, she manages 200 employees in their organization, WARYT. She tells me that WARYT is her grandmother’s name, which also stands for Work AndReach Your Target.

Sunday, 17 September 2017 20:15

Art as Tool For Transformation

Art is a tool that can be used to trigger self-reflection, drive action and instigate movement towards collective consciousness. Art nurtures leadership which ultimately brings to social change.

Throughout the history of humanity, people educate, enlighten and pass on wisdom through different forms of art. They have been addressing social issues through painting, music, literature, theatre and various forms of artistic expressions and performances. We are still using art to inspire, to initiate dialogues, to steer movements and to transform. We get intriguing ideas from the books we read, inspired by the paintings we see, mesmerized by the sculptures we see and moved by the lyrics and melodies we listen.

The AWiB monthly lead and moderator, Sewit Haileselasie, opened the session by welcoming participants, thanking AWIB partners and the work of AWIB team. She further highlighted the Women of Excellence 2017 and their stories, featured on the AWiB website, informing the audience tickets sales have started for the Galla dinner that celebrates and appreciates these extraordinary women on Sunday October 29th, 2017 at the Sheraton Addis.

Members were then given the stage to introduce their businesses or say few words about what they do or what they are up to. In the September monthly event, Meron Nega introduced her startup business; Earth Soap, a handmade organic soap which is due to be launched on September 25th at the Medhanialem mall.

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AWiB would like to proudly acknowledge its partners for the year.