AWiB Team

AWiB Team

April’s monthly event revolved around the issue of social enterprise in the Ethiopian context, focusing on one social entrepreneur Ato Kibret Abebe. The host for the evening, Meti Shewaye Yilma opened the event by introducing the AWiB board members inviting attendees to visit the AWiB website for more news on current activities.

Ato Kibret Abebe is the founder ofTebita Ambulance the first privately owned pre-hospital emergency aid provider in Ethiopia. One of the top anesthesiologists in the country,Ato Kibret is social entrepreneur passionate about challenging individuals to think about their contribution to society and country.

Ethiopia is the third largest economy in Africa and among top 10 world's fastest growing economies. According to experts, the country has had double-digit economic growth over the past 10 years with an average 10.5 per cent growth. This noticeable achievement has caught the eye of large numbers of potential investors from around the Globe. Ethiopia is also actively pursuing to improve its investment climate by adopting more efficient processes to reduce bureaucracy in the areas of registration, logistics, and taxation. However, this economic progress doesn’t seem to translate to the local businesses.  Howprivate sector friendly is the business culture in the country? What is the bottleneck for the local businesses and yet attracts so much FDI? Could there be economic development without the participation of the local businesses? Are they participating? To what degree?

AWiB’s 2nd RTD of the month was on behavioral engagement for passion and fulfillment hosted by Edme Alem Giza,a life coach, consultant and psychiatrist from a company called Mind Morning. Before we started our discussion we had to understand those key words: Behavioral engagement, passion and fulfillment. Three forms of engagement are essential to find passion: Emotional engagement, behavioral engagement and cognitive engagement. And our main concern of the day was behavioral engagement. Achieving it requires the combination of our effort and persistence.  And this engagement is very important to finding our passion. He then explained the two types of passion. Harmonious which is what we should all aspire to have and obsessive which is highly held and negative. And lastly fulfillment is related to self-realization; self-actualization which means knowing our capacity and self- responsibility, which appears when we find our purpose. Purpose is most important element in all of this process.

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Recap HealthSmart on Contraception

Recap HealthSmart on Contraception

Are you ready for pregnancy? Are you at least aware of the safe options you have to prevent pregnancy?  Do you know how contraceptives work and what side effects they have? On March 18th, Saturday 2017 in the afternoon our program on HealthSmart: contraception was given by Dr. MunirKassa, a very well-known gynecologist from St. Paul hospital with three assistant nurses. The AWiB Resource Center (ARC) was filled with concerned a group of 20 people. We began the program by introducing ourselves which created a more comfortable environment. It got more interesting as Dr. Munir asked all of us to share any kind of myth we had heard about contraceptives. The myths going around were funny as well as concerning.

Drop of Water (DoW), previously known as Help for a Drop of Water (HFDW), is a legally registered, nongovernmental, organization established by a group of seven female Mekelle University alumni students engaged in humanitarian-oriented projects. The women were inspired to form a humanitarian organization after seeing the fruitful efforts of REST (Relief Society of Tigray), which had made a lot of changes in supplying water technologies in rural communities of Tigray.

These young, passionate and innovative women achieved what others deemed impossible. With their persistence and relentless hard work, they managed to construct twenty-three water points, which are providing clean water services for more than 20,000 rural Enderta and Hentalo Wajertae provinces’ families.  Constantly motivating and inspiring each other and other youths in the field of development, these female alumni students have proven to be driven, committed and dedicated with ambitions to foster increased engagement of more youth students in the future. 

Currently, DoW has achieved remarkable results on the implementation of the country’s Water Safety Plan (WSP), in the Enderta Woreda of The Tigray Regional State of Ethiopia. WSP is a pilot project aimed at small communities’ water supplies contributing immensely on the sustainability of water schemes in the country. 

“The test of an organization is not genius. It is its capacity to make common people achieve uncommon performance”. ~Peter Drucker~

Any organization- whether it is a non-for-profit,a large multinational serving millions of people across continents or a small startup that employs less than a dozen people –is ultimately driven by the performance of its employees; if it is not only to survive but thrive in its endeavors. Organizational performance, however, is contingent upon a number of factors; among which employee engagement is one of the most important considerations.

Born and raised in Addis Ababa, Yoadan (Yoyo) Tilahun, Founder and Managing Director of Flawless Events, finished high school at Lycee Gebremariam and left to the US for further education.  Upon completion of an MBA, she worked as a marketing agent at a commodities marketing company. She also worked for World Bank in HR department. After 15 years in the USA, Yoadan decided to move back to Ethiopia. “When I moved back, it was like I never left.  But it also felt like, finally, real life began,” she says. She was energized by Addis, by its chaos as much as the people she came across on the street.

While she was living in the USA,Yoadan regularly attended events in the DC metropolitan area. Many of the events gave her the impression that there was much amiss in how they were organized and how the logistics were handled. Her drive to deliver flawless events is what eventually brought her events management company to life, with its aspirational name.

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Meditation Recap

On March 4, 2017the first meditation session of the year was held at AWIB resource center (ARC). It was given by the gracious Megbar Ayalew (Magi). It began at 9:00 AM and closed at 11:00 AM.  14 participants were present in the room and we were all looking forward to relaxation. Magi sitting in a comfortable way on her chair, she began explaining why we need meditation for.

Life happens only in the present moment. The past has already passed and the future is yet to come. We only have control on the present moment. What do we want in life? We should list out and ask for it to get answers. In order to getanswers we must be in the present moment and should be able to silent our chattering minds.

Organizing your team and planning around a culture of success is foundational to taking your business to the next level.

Erik Fisher, productivity podcaster with Beyond the To-Do List, says teamwork, technology, time tracking, and disconnecting from work are organization strategies for small businesses to not only meet, but also exceed their goals.

Once those goals are laid out, here’s how to tame a hectic work week and get those objectives met.

Social entrepreneurship, as a concept and term, has been in use for the past fifty years globally, gaining popularity in the 80s and 90s – coinciding with great global social entrepreneurs working to address systemic gaps through their social ventures. With many major social sector institutions, increasingly unable to meet growing demands in an efficient, effective and responsive manner, social entrepreneurs have become vital in filling emerging and increasingly complex gaps within the social sector. One renowned example is the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus, who founded Grameen Bank, which provides microcredit loans to encourage economic growth at the grassroots level in Bangladesh. 

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