AWiB Updates Pinnacle AWiB partnering with Diaspora RiseUp to strengthen & expand AWiB's Internship Program
Thursday, 31 August 2017 04:36

AWiB partnering with Diaspora RiseUp to strengthen & expand AWiB's Internship Program

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Did you know that as Diasporas we sent more than $65 billion in remittances to the continent in 2016? What if just 1% of that remittance money was directed into a crisis relief and recovery investment fund? Act4 wants to move the conversation on giving from aid to investment. We want development in Africa to be shaped by Africans and her Diaspora. So we’re charging the Diaspora to Rise Up!

Beginning in August 2017, during Black Philanthropy month, we’ll begin raising more than $200,000 to provide aid for immediate hunger and humanitarian crises in the Lake Chad and Horn of Africa Regions and Sierra Leone. We’ll partner with NGOs on the continent to provide funds and resource support to assist in addressing emerging humanitarian and development crises. And for the long-term, we’ll recruit members of the diaspora for skills-based, pro-bono volunteering with our NGO partners. For more information, to donate or to partner, check out our website at diasporariseup.org.


Diaspora RiseUp! Is enthusiastic about their partnership with Association of Women in Business(AWiB). They’ll work together to support young women in their collegiate pursuits. The partnership is focused on providing 20 scholarships over two years for young girls to attend a 1 year AWiB Leadership Internship Program. One scholarship will be awarded to one girl at $400 per girl which covers the full tuition in the program. Join us as we help girls train to become better leaders and women.

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