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AWiB Team

AWiB Team

Sunday, 17 September 2017 20:15

Art as Tool For Transformation

Art is a tool that can be used to trigger self-reflection, drive action and instigate movement towards collective consciousness. Art nurtures leadership which ultimately brings to social change.

Throughout the history of humanity, people educate, enlighten and pass on wisdom through different forms of art. They have been addressing social issues through painting, music, literature, theatre and various forms of artistic expressions and performances. We are still using art to inspire, to initiate dialogues, to steer movements and to transform. We get intriguing ideas from the books we read, inspired by the paintings we see, mesmerized by the sculptures we see and moved by the lyrics and melodies we listen.

The monthly lead and moderator, Sewit Haileselasie , started by welcoming participants, thanking AWIB partners, the work of AWIB board and the WOE 2017. She has further underlined that the WOE 2017  and their  stories is featured on the websites and that we have started selling entrance tickets to celebrate and appreciate these extraordinary women on October 29th, 2017 at the Sheraton Addis Gala Dinner.

Then, like every month, members are given the stage to introduce their business or encouraged to say few words about what they do or what they are up to. In this month’s event, Meron Nega introduced her upcoming startup business, Earth Soap (Handmade Organic Soap), which is due to be launched on September 27th at the Medhanealem mall.

Is there a difference between pleasing and serving? Absolutely! I know from experience. The difference is enormous. Almost like life and death. Health and sickness, depletion and abundance. I was, like so many of us, raised to be a pleaser.

I believed that my value was measured by my performance, by how well I was liked and accepted by others. I was shy of any conflict, and lived in fear of not being good enough.

I was literally pleasing everyone in my life, to feel loved and valued. I was not aware of my patterns, until long after my health left me, and my life was turned upside down by pain and despair.

Did you know that as Diasporas we sent more than $65 billion in remittances to the continent in 2016? What if just 1% of that remittance money was directed into a crisis relief and recovery investment fund? Act4 wants to move the conversation on giving from aid to investment. We want development in Africa to be shaped by Africans and her Diaspora. So we’re charging the Diaspora to Rise Up!

Beginning in August 2017, during Black Philanthropy month, we’ll begin raising more than $200,000 to provide aid for immediate hunger and humanitarian crises in the Lake Chad and Horn of Africa Regions and Sierra Leone. We’ll partner with NGOs on the continent to provide funds and resource support to assist in addressing emerging humanitarian and development crises. And for the long-term, we’ll recruit members of the diaspora for skills-based, pro-bono volunteering with our NGO partners. For more information, to donate or to partner, check out our website at diasporariseup.org.

Thursday, 31 August 2017 04:18

Tseday Asrat: La Dame Formidable!

Millions recognize the brand she built. With 33 branches and still growing, Kaldis Coffee has become a household name that fills the days of many people with aroma. But very few know the woman behind Kaldis Coffee. Tseday Asrat is the founder and managing director of Kaldis Coffee. She also owns Lori Agro-Industry and Gusto Restaurants, a chain of Italian restaurants. She co-owns Gursha Restaurant in Dubai.

Born and raised in Addis Ababa, Tseday has always been following her passion. She always wanted to own and run her own business. When she didn't get enough point at the national matriculation exam to enter university, she started modeling. Her family insisted she took the exam again to pursue her education but Tseday knew that is not the road she wanted to take.

The importance of documenting our stories is evident in this paper which captures the legacy of the Ethiopian Women Lawyers Association (EWLA). A dynamic women’s rights organization in its heydays, not many may now know about the remarkable achievements EWLA has made for Ethiopian women in promoting gender equality. This September focus is dedicated to sharing the documentation work we have done towards preserving the ‘herstory’ of women’s rights organizing in Ethiopia. 

Historically, Ethiopian women’s place in the public and political sphere may have been marginal and largely hidden but it is always present, increasing over time. While women have been organizing and associating throughout Ethiopian history, we are now witnessing an unprecedented rise in women’s organizing focused on gender equality and women’s rights, some openly identifying as feminist. Most of these groups have hadbasis in the school system, predominantly that of Addis Ababa University.

The principle that women should lead and participate equally in key decision making flaunts tradition and culture almost everywhere in the world, least of all Ethiopia. In the 3rd seminar of the series held on June 30th which made an inquiry into whether Ethiopian women themselves are active or reluctant to assume positions of decision making, 74% of respondents to a survey we conducted confirmed that women indeed have and are actively seeking positions of leadership. Of those that shared they do not, one of the key reasons they highlighted includes the role gender bias has played as a deterrent to women’s access to leadership positions.

Tuesday, 01 August 2017 13:16

Congratulations to all AWiB WOE 2017

AWiB proudly presents the 2017 Women of Excellence (WOE) nominees. Every year as we celebrate outstanding Ethiopian Women who serve their communities and country tirelessly, this year, we bring you 5 magnificent women who have reached their summit. Their full story will be posted on October Focus and they will be celebrated on October 29, 2017 at a Gala Dinner held in Sheraton Addis.  To get closer to these women and catch their fever, we urge you to join us at the AWIB 2017 WOE Gala Dinner.

Tuesday, 01 August 2017 12:56

Lydia Tafesse

International Sport Referee

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AWiB would like to proudly acknowledge its partners for the year.