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AWiB will hold its 6th annual Women of Excellence (WOE) Gala Dinner on October 29th, 2017, 4:00- 10:30 PM at Sheraton. We are looking forward to celebrating our phenomenal nominees:

  • Anna Getaneh, Founder of African Mosaique and Ethiopia Children’s Fund (ECF)
  • ElleniMocria, Veteran journalist and a pioneer in many media disciplines
  • Professor Alemtsehay Mekonnen , Bio-medical scientist, a professor of Cell & Human Physiology & Head of Gender Office, College of Natural Sciences, AAU
  • Dr. Momina Mohammed, Medical Doctor, Nephrologist
  • Lydia Tafesse, International Sports Referee

The rationale for the award is threefold

  • To nurture a culture of appreciation and celebrate courageous vision and action;
  • To make women who are doing extraordinary deeds in their respective communities more visible and
  • To inspire a younger generation of women by sharing the stories of the women of excellence. 

This year we also celebrate the Ethiopian Women Lawyers Association (EWLA), recipient of the award for institutional excellence– a story of service, movement building & survival rooted in Ethiopia’s political legacy through a documentary film.

Keynote Speaker: TsedayAsrat, Innovator Business Woman

MC: MetasebiaShewayeYilma, Media Personality and President, AWiB 2018 

We aspire to inspire!

Women Of Excellence 2017


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Setaweet Events

Setaweet Collaborative Event:

On June 24, Setaweet presents to you "Setaweet collaborative Event" with our very own very good partners, Yellow Movement of AAU to have a "Conversation on the Male Feminist Journey".  This conversation is important to shine a light on the fact that men can also be feminist too. It will help to dismantle the old legend of the feminist being ‘bitter women’. This event will be held at 6 Kilo, Addis Ababa University, Law School, Room No-4. To be admitted to the AAU compound, please bring your IDs.


Fashion Open Call as apart of the two year EU funded Creative Futures program. The Goethe Institute in partnership with FA254,  will lead the open call to select one talented Ethiopian Designer (living in Ethiopia) to work directly with a European buyer to showcase their collection to the International market. 

We are excited about this segment in our program and are asking for your participation by applying and/or help in sharing the information among your networks. Attached with this email is the Fashion Contest Information and Application, as well as the Creative Futures Program two pager. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have additional questions.


Mekelle University recognizes the disproportional participation of women and male professionals in research and innovation for development. It has therefore been taking specific measures such as improving access to employment, offering tailor-madetrainings for female students and staff and allocating funds exclusively for female researchers. Even though such measures have led to some improvement in the percentage of female involvement in research, a serious imbalance remains.


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Gold Membership Package

Happy Holidays season to u all. As the new AWiB calendar year approaches, we have to think about the new programs & activities. We have 5 new board members to be introduced on January "AWiB Effect".  For 2017, a new membership package deal that would save you 2400 birr a year has been organized. Our challenge thru the years has been finding a venue 4 monthly programs 4 a reasonable fee. We have been searching high & low for 3 years w/o much success, so we are staying with Hilton who has offered us the cheapest in the city.

2 offers: one for 5000 birr, Gold Membership, inclusive of monthly fee (only 178 birr) & if u choose so, a huge discount  on WOE gala dinner for 1500 birr.  Another option is to stay with the regular 2000 birr membership fee & 400 birr 4 a program at Hilton. The new board with a fresher look has come up with great programs & useful weekend activities. To ease the anxiety of taking public transportation in the evening, we've arranged a service available from Hilton to your destination for a nominal fee. The new board's top agenda in 2017 is members' satisfaction & to offer u the best tools 4 personal & professional developments. The gold membership package is to be paid in one payment & does not apply to corporate membership.  

Gold membership is an opportunity for all who wanted to join AWIB as members but couldn’t find enough incentive. This newer package, we believe, is what you were looking for.

For details 0947350259.


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Call for Nomination WOE 2017

AWiB is now calling the public, AWiB friends and fans to nominate women from different sectors you believe have done works that need to be celebrated; stories you believe need to be heard; and female role models you believe need to be made visible 


Please find below the training packages that Setaweet PLC has prepared for corporate clients. I would appreciate it if  you could forward the document to your contacts, and of course, for your consideration for use in your own workplaces! :) icon Corporate Womens Leadership Package by Setaweet (222.97 kB)


SIMP Africa comprises of three weeks of Intensive training spread out over the seven months- all revolving around sustainable business and responsible leadership. This year after certain days of training in Stockholm, the team from 5 African counties are coming together to Ethiopia around January/February 2017…. For more info refer the link below.

So do you know if there is any particular business case that you think could be interesting to present to next SIMP batch, new business models or sustainability, start-ups or bigger companies.


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AWiB would like to proudly acknowledge its partners for the year.