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30 March 2017 Written by 

Behavioral Engagement for passion and fulfillment

AWiB’s 2nd RTD of the month was on behavioral engagement for passion and fulfillment hosted by Edme Alem Giza,a life coach, consultant and psychiatrist from a company called Mind Morning. Before we started our discussion we had to understand those key words: Behavioral engagement, passion and fulfillment. Three forms of engagement are essential to find passion: Emotional engagement, behavioral engagement and cognitive engagement. And our main concern of the day was behavioral engagement. Achieving it requires the combination of our effort and persistence.  And this engagement is very important to finding our passion. He then explained the two types of passion. Harmonious which is what we should all aspire to have and obsessive which is highly held and negative. And lastly fulfillment is related to self-realization; self-actualization which means knowing our capacity and self- responsibility, which appears when we find our purpose. Purpose is most important element in all of this process.

The moment he explained the above, our minds were filled with questions. Edme-Alem further guided our discussion towards three points; Imagining or picturing what we envision, Feeling what we imagined and sharing our perspective. The first thing we were told to do was imagining how we would be after the RTD, actually feel it and share our perspectives on it, this was the test drive. Then the next questions were what life and success meant to us. we each shared our opinions and saw the diversity in our perspectives. Since we can only look for our purpose from within everyone’s answer was bound to differ from one another.

For the next question we were told to dig deep in our childhood and remember the things we were good at, at a young age and what we loved to do back then. Then to write our strengths and weaknesses we have now. This was aimed at finding our true self. As we shared those weaknesses and strengths we recognized the hints we got about our true personalities and our passion.  And we were further led to assess our imaginative skill, organization skill, our curiosity, flexibility, sociablity . These things can tell us a lot about our personality which can help us find our true passion.

So, where and how do we find fulfillment? According to our host Edme-Alem, engagement brings passion, and passion brings authentic personality and authentic personality brings fulfillment. And we realized that, it was our job to find it.

Partaking in this particular RTD was yet another eye opening experience and I am sure we each left the room with a huge question mark on our minds, full of questions whose answers could only be found from within ourselves.

Lina Mohammed,
AWiB Intern

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