AWiB Events Upcoming Event Learning from Ethiopian Social Entrepreneurs – A Conversation with Kibret Abebe of Tebita Ambulance
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Learning from Ethiopian Social Entrepreneurs – A Conversation with Kibret Abebe of Tebita Ambulance

Social entrepreneurship, as a concept and term, has been in use for the past fifty years globally, gaining popularity in the 80s and 90s – coinciding with great global social entrepreneurs working to address systemic gaps through their social ventures. With many major social sector institutions, increasingly unable to meet growing demands in an efficient, effective and responsive manner, social entrepreneurs have become vital in filling emerging and increasingly complex gaps within the social sector. One renowned example is the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus, who founded Grameen Bank, which provides microcredit loans to encourage economic growth at the grassroots level in Bangladesh. 

The Stanford Social Innovation Review provides a distinction between entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship based on the value proposition of each. “The social entrepreneur neither anticipates nor organizes to create substantial financial profit for his or her investors – or for himself or herself; instead the social entrepreneur aims for value in the form of large-scale, transformational benefit that accrues either to a significant segment of society or to society at large.” With regards to similarities, however, characteristics shared between both form of entrepreneurs includes innovation; altering unpleasant equilibriums, courage and fortitude to drive creative solutions through to fruition.

In Ethiopia, Tebita Ambulance Pre-Hospital Emergency Service has remained the only private sector ambulance service and pre-hospital trauma care provider for over nine years. An innovation that grew from bearing witness to the poor condition of victims of traffic accidents in Addis Ababa with only three ambulances, today, TEBITA Ambulance has grown to more than five ambulances. Since 2008 TEBITA have provided service for more than 50,000 clients and emergency training for more than 35,000 trainees. TEBITA continues propelled by a vision of opening a trauma center, providing air ambulance service, emergency supplies manufacturing and building a paramedic training center.

Join AWiB for a conversation between Meti Shewaye Yilma (AWiB) and Kibret Abebe of TEBITA Ambulance on how social ventures contribute to social transformation. What is social entrepreneurship? How does the model work in Ethiopia? What is Kibret’s story and what led him to form TEBITA? 

About the Speaker:

Kibret Abebe is a professional anesthetist with over 25 years’ experience. Kibret, established TEBITA Ambulance after witnessing the poor handling of victims of traffic accidents – some arriving to hospital through ambulance, while a majority arrived through public transportation. In a country where the rate of traffic accidents per capita is among the highest in the world, Kibret saw the need to improve patient transportation and pre-hospital care. He proposed the concept to the Ministry of Health, helped craft the government regulatory standards for the industry, and received the first ambulance license for TEBITA Ambulance in 2008. Nine years later, TEBITA remains the only licensed for-profit ambulance and pre-hospital trauma care business in the country. 

Date: April 6, 2017

Time: 5:30 PM

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