AWiB Events Upcoming Event “The Approach to Gender Equality: Service or Disservice to Promoting Ethiopian Women’s Leadership?”
14 August 2017 Written by 

“The Approach to Gender Equality: Service or Disservice to Promoting Ethiopian Women’s Leadership?”

The principle that women should lead and participate equally in key decision making flaunts tradition and culture almost everywhere in the world, least of all Ethiopia. In the 3rd seminar of the series held on June 30th which made an inquiry into whether Ethiopian women themselves are active or reluctant to assume positions of decision making, 74% of respondents to a survey we conducted confirmed that women indeed have and are actively seeking positions of leadership. Of those that shared they do not, one of the key reasons they highlighted includes the role gender bias has played as a deterrent to women’s access to leadership positions.

While some women have succeeded in the workplace in spite of gender biases, putting in a hefty amount of effort to succeed with or without institutional support, for others it still stands that traditional conceptions of success for men and women are dramatically different. While the Ethiopian discourse on gender equality reflects a relatively progressive conceptualization, characterized by a focus on equal opportunities for men and women, this sometimes seems at most reflected at institutional levels on paper, rather than in practice. With government and non-governmental organizations playing a leading role in promoting the gender equality narrative in all realms, and with our laws reflecting this conception, the practice, implementation, and acceptance of gender equality seems contradictory to the efforts being exerted.

This begs the question, what is and is not working in the dominant approach to gender equality in Ethiopia? Is there a dominant approach? If so, how can we understand what this dominant approach is? How is the gender equality discourse contributing/hindering to the progression of women in leadership in the country? What should be done differently to encourage an inclusive and transformative approach?

Join AWiB and Earuyan Solutions for the fourth and final seminar in the Dearth of Women’s Leadership in Ethiopia seminar series, to examine gender equality approaches incentivizing the participation of women in leadership and decision-making. This seminar series is hosted in partnership with the Austrian Development Agency (ADA).

This final seminar will also include a short second segment in which we will collectively brainstorm the way forward and gather recommendations for scaling-up.


Hiwot Emishaw, Director of Communications, Save the Children Ethiopia; Author

Daniel Hailu, Managing Director, Litmus Research PLC; ArifWond member

Ekram Mohammed, Lecturer, Addis Ababa University; Gender Expert

Dina Makonnen, Human Resources Director, Heineken Ethiopia

Moderator: Selome Tadesse, Founder, Emerge Leaders Consultancy & Training PLC

VenueSheraton Hotel

Investment: 200 Birr

Join us on Friday, September 15th starting 2pm. Doors open at 1pm.


AWiB would like to proudly acknowledge its partners for the year.