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15 October 2017 Written by 

Men Who Support Women – AWiB’s Menelikish Men

Behind every successful man is a strong woman, so the saying goes. In AWiB, we believe this also applies for women and our saying goes… behind every successful woman is a strong man.

This November we suggest AWiBers invite the men that have supported you and men please invite the women who have done the same. On our monthly event, we focus on men who support their women through their success, our “Menelikish Men”.

What do we mean by Menelikish men?

Throughout Ethiopian history, no other partnership has been akin to that of Itege Taitu and Emperor Menilik. Contrary to the customs of the time, Menilik considered Taitu his equal and consulted her in making important decisions. Ahead of his time, Menelik  headed the council of Taitu and rejected signing the Wuchale Treaty and gave her the role of AZMACH in the battle of Adewa where she lead her battalion one of the most historic battles against colonization. A woman who spoke her mind, the empress is admired for her courage and boldness.

Menelik supported Taitu’s long standing work in politics and the affairs of government, including the founding of Addis Ababa. Her pioneering work extended to the economy, where she opened the first restaurant in Addis Abeba and Emperor Menelik was her first customer, encouraging others to pay for the food. The unique quality of Menilik and Taitu’s partnership and leadership has left behind an enduring legacy.

The stories of Menelik’s support of Taitu goes is endless and their combined contribution to the nation for the nation as a whole is profound. Menilik’s support was not the matter of advocacy or popularity or a venture into public political correctness but rather about doing the right thing!

On this session, we ask

  • What are our men doing to support women in their struggle to achieve?
  • How are our men supporting women to even dare to dream? 

This will be the time to talk about it and our speakers are nothing but the Meneliks of this time.


Date: November 2, 2017

Venue: Mosaic

Investment – 300 for Members and 350 for guests and corporate members

Time: 5:30

AWiB would like to proudly acknowledge its partners for the year.