AWiB Events Upcoming Event AWiB presents the 5 WOE 2017 (for those who have not made it to the Gala Dinner), on December 7, 2017 at the Mosaic Hotel
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AWiB presents the 5 WOE 2017 (for those who have not made it to the Gala Dinner), on December 7, 2017 at the Mosaic Hotel

Anna Getaneh, Founder of African Mosaique and Ethiopia Children’s Fund (ECF) 

Anna Getaneh is the founder and creative soul of African Mosaique. Her vision is focused on three elements: sourcing, manufacturing and developing talent in Africa. A fashion-cultural enthusiast, humanitarian, and an acclaimed former international model, her modeling career spanned close to ten years. After having lived and traveled all around the world, Anna recently moved to Ethiopia to start the African Mosaique Design and Fashion Center where she designs, promotes and provides mentorship for the younger generation of Ethiopian designers. Anna‘s move back to Ethiopia is also to run her school that started 16 years ago and to work on opening more schools with the same holistic model in remote villages in Ethiopia.

Anna is also a founder of ECF dedicated to helping those most vulnerable and least able to help themselves primarily children without parents.   ECF's flagship is its Education & Development Program (EDP) in Aleltu. EDP is an innovative integrated establishment for the protection and development of highly disadvantaged children and their communities suffering from extreme poverty and social problems. It provides a community-oriented solution to the challenge of orphans, while serving as a catalyst and facilitator for sustainable community development.  EDP supports over 900 students from primary education up to 8th grade with equal distribution of gender. 

Anna using her fame to make a difference in her community started organizing fashion shows to support this greater cause that builds a nation and the human spirit. She is the board chair of the school and the spokesperson for ECF. Anna also works with Bahir Dar University in their Textile Department helping the graduates with various parts of designing and fashion industry.

Ellene Mocria, Journalist, and Media Trainer

Ellene is a major force in Ethiopian journalism. She is one of the pioneers in radio and television broadcasting in the country breaking new ground for female journalists. She was the first female news caster and producer when the Voice of Ethiopia began daily English broadcasts to Europe and West Africa. She was also the first woman television journalist in Ethiopia while also producing excellent radio programs.

Her keen interest in social work has proved to be important to her subsequent work. A little before the dawn of the revolution, Ellene quit TV and joined the Young Women Christian Association as Coordinator of their vocational schools.  

Four years into EPRDF leadership, she was told that her voice would not be heard over the radio. A sad chapter in her life but being resilient as she always has been, Ellene teamed up with friends and like-minded colleagues to form a company called SELMA. It was a share company comprised of professional women to act as consultancy and communication service. Ellene served as a chairperson for a number of years.

Her visible contribution to the world of media in this country has been organizing the film library for the library of Ethiopian Radio and ministry of information, not only by providing music discs, rears and rare collections but also in cataloguing and organizing it.  Ellene’s greatest contribution though is training many journalists and media professionals mainly through EMWA. She is a founding member of the Ethiopian Media Women Association (EMWA) and is still active.  Her community works extend from being an active supporter of several NGOs such as YWCA and NEWA to serving as board member & treasurer of the Family Guidance Association of Ethiopia (FGAE). 

Lydia Tafesse, International Sport Referee

Lidya started her career as a professional soccer and basketball player.  She did her first refereeing in 1998 in Mekelle. She refereed men’s project game and it was at that time when she realized that she could be good at refereeing and found her true passion. With the encouragement and support of her senior instructors, she abandoned her profession by training—pharmacy-- to become a referee who works with Integrity.

In her years of refereeing she has fulfilled her dream to be a referee at a premier league. And it didn’t take much time to achieve it. She then became a referee at the African Cup which is held every two years and she was the referee four years in a row. She was also a referee at the opening of the All Africa Game in Cameroon and at the biggest semi-final game between South Africa and Nigeria. Lidya was voted as star referee for 3 years in a row for the men premier league and once the females at the Ethiopian premier league.

She is a pioneer in female refereeing not only in Ethiopia but also in Africa; female African referees are currently not more than 5.  The fact that she speaks her mind and she is a good communicator, many trust her and are following her steps. Not only those who are emerging as referees, but also those who work beside her say they learn from her ethical standard. So her colleagues believe she is the best example for them. More than 50 female referees have followed her footsteps.

Lidya Tafesse was selected to officiate the Women's World Cup in Canada in 2015 by the world football governing body FIFA.


Momina Mohammed, M.D, Nephrologist

Dr. Momina is a kidney specialist working at St. Paul Hospital. She has successfully established a renal unit at St. Paul’s Hospital Millennium Medical College, the very first actively working public dialysis center in Ethiopia, which provides free services to around 70% of all incoming patients free of charge. She has introduced new medical services to Ethiopia such as hemodialysis, kidney transplantation, and histopathology. Under her umbrella, the number of professionals including renal nurses, kidney disease specialists, dialysis technologists, renal pathologist has increased.

Dr. Momina is passionate about patient advocacy; fighting for a patient’s right to treatment she feels has always been her purpose in life and she shows it in action. Since the launch of St. Paul’s dialysis center, over a thousand patients have been treated with a high recovery rate and over 40 kidney transplants have been carried out in Ethiopia with a 95% success rate.

Dr. Momina’s early medical school days showed her that kidney failure always resulted in death for lack of renal treatment service at the time. That awareness prompted Dr. Momina to specialize in nephrology. “I could not bear any longer to see patients come with renal failure with no hope of surviving, when in fact the procedure was simple and reversible”. She dreams of an Ethiopia with a more developed healthcare infrastructure, one in which people are not denied basic healthcare due to the lack of sufficient expertise and medical equipment. This passionate, enthusiastic and energetic doctor works relentlessly to achieve her dream.

Yalemtsehay Mekonnen, Ph.D a bio-medical scientist, a professor of Cell & Human Physiology & Head of Gender Office, College of Natural Sciences, AAU

Since childhood Professor Yalemtsehay did things only that felt comfortable to her soul and the biggest one was knowledge; knowledge about mathematics, the universe, science, nature and on and on. Knowledge is what she pursued to the very end and knowledge that became useful to society--Science.

Most of her research outputs are applicable in real world which helps directly and indirectly to the development of the country. One such project has been the research on medicinal plants that brought the recognition of important plant Moringa Stenopetala (Shiferaw/Alekko Shekatta) which has gotten a great recognition. This research work has also served as a stepping stone to other mega projects.

Yalemtsehay is not only several award winning scientist but also a nurturing professor who groomed a number of quality students in three decades of service as a professor; she is especially proud of the women who have earned their Ph.D and beyond serving their country and other nations as experts.

Professor Yalemtsehay has received many awards from different institutions: the African Union Kwame Nkrumah Regional Scientific Awards for Women; Grant for Research Group Linkage of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation with the University of Hohenheim, a gold Medal award by Addis Ababa University, and Certificate of recognition by the International Institute of Rural Reconstruction (IIRR), to mention few. 

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