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01 August 2017 Written by 

Ellene Mocria

Journalist and Media Trainer

“Let us, the women, take the lead and show how we can fix our country and bring positive change”.

Ellene is a major force in Ethiopian journalism. She is one of the pioneers in radio and television broadcasting in the country breaking new ground for female journalists. She was the first female news caster and producer when the Voice of Ethiopia began daily English broadcasts to Europe and West Africa. She was also the first woman television journalist in Ethiopia while also producing excellent radio programs

Her keen interest in social work has proved to be important to her subsequent work. A little before the dawn of the revolution, Ellene quit TV and joined the Young Women Christian Association as Coordinator of their vocational schools.  

Four years into EPRDF leadership, she was told that her voice would not be heard over the radio. A sad chapter in her life but being resilient as she always has been, Ellene teamed up with friends and like-minded colleagues to form a company called SELMA. It was a share company comprised of professional women to act as consultancy and communication service. Ellene served as a chairperson for a number of years.

Her visible contribution to the world of media in this country has been organizing the film library for the library of Ethiopian Radio and ministry of information, not only by providing music discs, rears and rare collections but also in cataloguing and organizing it.  Ellene’s greatest contribution though is training many journalists and media professionals mainly through EMWA. She is a founding member of the Ethiopian Media Women Association (EMWA) and is still active.  Her community works extend from being an active supporter of several NGOs such as YWCA and NEWA to serving as board member & treasurer of the Family Guidance Association of Ethiopia (FGAE).  

Ellene directs everyone on her way… to do what you like, follow your passion. If you are something because someone put you there, you won’t be able to enjoy your work and we won’t be able to enjoy your work either…



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