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01 August 2017 Written by 

Momina Mohammed

M.D, Nephrologist

…I believe that there are opportunities in life and what differentiates us from one another is whether or not we grab on or not…dream big and work hard to realize your dream…

Dr. Momina is a kidney specialist working at St. Paul Hospital. She has successfully established a renal unit at St. Paul’s Hospital Millennium Medical College, the very first actively working public dialysis center in Ethiopia, which provides free services to around 70% of all incoming patients free of charge. She has introduced new medical services to Ethiopia such as hemodialysis, kidney transplantation, and histopathology. Under her umbrella, the number of professionals including renal nurses, kidney disease specialists, dialysis technologists, renal pathologist has increased.

Dr. Momina is passionate about patient advocacy; fighting for a patient’s right to treatment she feels has always been her purpose in life and she shows it in action. Since the launch of St. Paul’s dialysis center, over a thousand patients have been treated with a high recovery rate and over 40 kidney transplants have been carried out in Ethiopia with a 95% success rate.

Dr. Momina’s early medical school days showed her that kidney failure always resulted in death for lack of renal treatment service at the time. That awareness prompted Dr. Momina to specialize in nephrology. “I could not bear any longer to see patients come with renal failure with no hope of surviving, when in fact the procedure was simple and reversible”. She dreams of an Ethiopia with a more developed healthcare infrastructure, one in which people are not denied basic healthcare due to the lack of sufficient expertise and medical equipment. This passionate, enthusiastic and energetic doctor works relentlessly to achieve her dream. 


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